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A Revolutionary Game Update Patch System that works for Indies, Teams and Studios!

A no-code software runtime that works for all game engines including Unity, Unreal Engine, GameMaker, Fusion, Construct and many more.

Game Update Patch System

Deploy Worldwide

Deploy your game and game updates to your players all around the world.

All Engines Supported

Supported with ANY Game Engine including Custom Game Engines.


Create, Control, Maintain and Update your Patch System online from anywhere!

Real-Time Patching

Update your Patch System settings and deploy updates in real-time!

Effortless Game Updates

Effortlessly upload your base game and future game updates by simply dragging and dropping a ZIP file.

Our super-fast servers will process your ZIP file and compare files to ensure only the files that were modified are pushed out.

Push out your new game update in the easiest way possible using our revolutionary game patching technology.

You can have your latest game update out within minutes.

Compatible with ANY Game Engine

Our revolutionary game update runtime is compatible with any game engine or programming language available.

Whether your game is developed with Unity, Unreal Engine, Fusion, Construct, GameMaker, CryEngine or Godot. Our patch system is compatible to be called from any engine.

What ever programming language you use, we got you covered. LaunchBoost is accessible from ANY programming language available.

Whitelabel / Customizable Design

Make your game update patching stand out and look more professional with the ability to completely customize the look and feel of the game patch window.

Simply upload an optional Splash Screen to display to the user if you want.

You can also easily upload the background image for your patching window.

If you’re more savvy, you can even integrate the patching window into your own game development directly so you can have the update patching process as a part of your actual game.

We have tutorials and documentation for all of this, it’s far too easy to integrate LaunchBoost directly into your game, if you wish.

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