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Introducing (LB) is a game patch service available for game developers, development teams and studios alike.

LaunchBoost the cutting-edge online game patching service designed specifically for the modern game developer’s arsenal. At, we understand the dynamics of game development and the critical need for seamless updates and maintenance. Our platform empowers developers, teams, and studios to effortlessly distribute game patches and updates to a global audience with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

Say goodbye to the hassles of manual patching and the challenges of keeping your game fresh and engaging. With, your next game update is just a click away, ensuring your players always have the ultimate gaming experience at their fingertips.

Step into the future of game development with – Design, Build, Deploy.

Deploy your game updates effortlessly

Use to effortlessly deploy your initial and updated game files.

Simply upload your game files and let the system do the rest of the work for you. Your players will remain up to date using the very latest version at all times.

You can run the patch system standalone or easily integrate it as a part of your game or application itself. We provide all the tools, templates, code snippets and API integrations you could possibly need.

Cloud-Based Game Updates

Cloud-Based Game Updates; a feature that epitomizes efficiency and flexibility in game development.

You, the developer, effortlessly upload your latest game files to our secure servers with a simple click. It’s that easy to release updates and patches, ensuring your players always have the latest content.

But that’s just the beginning. For those who crave control and customization, offers a suite of advanced settings. Tweak compression options to balance download times and file quality, enforce forced overwrites to ensure all users are up-to-date, or set file ignore flags for items that don’t need updating. The power is in your hands.

Game Engine Compatibility

Our revolutionary patching technology is meticulously designed to work seamlessly with any game engine, be it the widely acclaimed giants like Unreal and Unity, the cherished classics such as Clickteam Fusion and Game Maker, or even the most bespoke, custom-built engines conceived in the minds of visionary developers. The essence of is its universality; no engine is too niche, no architecture too complex.

Moreover, our commitment to inclusivity extends to programming languages, embracing a wide spectrum from C, C++, and C#, to Objective-C, Java, and LUA, among others. This comprehensive compatibility ensures that regardless of your game’s technical foundation or the language it whispers its digital dreams in,’s patching system integrates flawlessly.

It’s not just a service; it’s a seamless extension of your development environment, designed to empower your creative process and elevate your game to unprecedented heights. With, the only limit is your imaginationšŸŽ®

Super-Charged Patch Speeds comes with an allocated storage amount based on the package you select or you can use your own servers, or, you can use both LaunchBoost and your own servers.

Our Patch Server Network is one of the fastest networks in the world. Already used by 1 million players worldwide, running on 10GBPS connection speeds and super-optimized dedicated servers, you can bet your bottom dollar your players will get the best speeds alongside the best stability for file downloads and patching.

With the package, you can upload your files to our server so they’re ready for patching and/or you can also use your own custom servers. You can give your users the option to choose a different server. Maybe you want a network of servers so it would be nice to offer your players to choose the closest location to them right?

If not, you can just stick with We also offer additional patch servers running on the same ultra-fast network, just in case you need the additional fire-power for your game updates.

Ultra-Fast File Integrity Checking

Our Patch System runs at full speed on any computer or laptop. With a tiny overhead of just 48mb, it has the ability to check the integrity of up to 2,000 files per second.

The Patch System utilises Delta Patching so it will only download the differences between what they have installed and the latest update, saving time and bandwidth for everyone involved and increasing the speed of the patch times tremendously.

You generate your own patch list files and checksums for all your game files. This involves using your own unique “secret salt” which makes your file checksums absolutely unique only to you and your game so nobody can ever tamper with the patch updates.

Professional Experience and Support

Keep all of your players up-to-date with automatic updating. This can be triggered manually or automatically. The choice is completely yours.

Our infrastructure for delivering your settings and game files is super-fast. Enabling even those on slow connections to have a stable and secure patching session.

We provide all of our users with access to full documentation, written tutorials, video tutorials and access to Discord support.

Super-Charge your Game Updates

Patch and Update your games in real-time with our easy-to-use game patching system.
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